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Students’ relationships with religion in COVID-19

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The 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions

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  • School in Jerusalem – Azariah Horowitz

    After high school, I spent a few months in Jerusalem learning Herbew in an Ulpan, an intensive Hebrew language program for new immigrants and Palestinians entering the Israeli university system. After growing up in a …

  • Religious Sights – Milan Stolpman

    Aesthetic is an enormous component of any religion, designed to appeal to our senses. From elaborate houses of worship which appeal to our vision, fragrances that engage our sense of smell, and the widespread presence …

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  • Faith Communities Meet the Moment – Curb Magazine

    Religion has a material side, a physical side and an essential side, says Ulrich Rosenhagen, the director of the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry at UW–Madison and an ordained Lutheran pastor. This means that materially, communities might celebrate religion with singing, liturgy and prayer. Physically, religions have a meeting place and religions have an essential aspect of their faith, such as weekly Shabbat for the Jewish community.

  • Practicing in a pandemic: Students’ relationships with religion in COVID-19

    By Gina Musso | April 23, 2020 9:00 am Religion provides many with faith and a source of community throughout life — especially in unprecedented times, some individuals turn to religion to develop a deeper understanding or a sense …

  • Interfaith Fellow Matthias Chan Wins Student Activist Award

    Thomas W. Jendrock Student Activist Award is an honor given to notable freethinkers. Interfaith Fellow Matthias Chan was given this award for narrating his journey to agnostic atheism in his most recent blogpost. Freethought applauds …

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