Student organizations critical to creating impactful, positive college experience

With more than 1,000 different student organizations on this campus, incoming students are often split between feeling excited and overwhelmed over all the opportunities to meet new people, explore interests, and have a good time. Each student organization focuses on a different topic and aims to truly build a community amongst its members. Besides philanthropy, forming relationships and developing skills, student organizations provide awareness to different issues on this campus.

Student organizations are the backbone of campus. They connect far more than academics or jobs ever could. Identity-based organizations inspire acceptance and diversity. Similarly, interest-based groups make a large school feel more like home by creating small communities of students who enjoy the same hobbies. Advocacy and philanthropy organizations also play a pivotal role on campus, helping badgers in need while contributing to the Wisconsin Idea—that it is the duty of the students to use their experience at UW to make the world a better place. Why not start now? No matter what they stand for, each student organization on this campus makes Madison what it truly is—an inclusive campus where everyone can find a home.

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