Race, Religion, and Revisionism: Why the Middle Ages Matter Now

Hosted by Humanities NOW

Time: September 11 | 5:30pm

Location: Wisconsin Historical Society | 816 State Street

Fee: Free!

Featuring panelists Ahmed Abdelazim, Samuel England, Martin Foys, Elizabeth Lapina, Brenda Plummer, Jennifer Pruitt, this panel is all about how – and why – the Middle Ages matter today.

With public violence increasingly on display in our society, is history, too, under siege? We’ll talk about everything from the Crusades to Game of Thrones to white supremacy to how popular images of the medieval past connect to notions of race and religion, today. Our panelists will ask, if the Middle Ages truly do serve as a tool to justify attacks against vulnerable groups today, what are our responsibilities in the face of that trend? 

We’ll also have plenty of time at the end for an audience Q&A with the panelists. The event is free and open to the public. 

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Read the full article at: https://humanities.wisc.edu/events/entry/race-religion-and-revisionism-why-the-middle-ages-matter-now

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