Constants – Jackson Thiel 

“What a time to be alive” is a phrase I have used countless times but for the first time I mean it. Everyday the news seems to break with some new unknown fact about the coronavirus. The numbers of people getting it is growing. What really made me realize that we are in unprecedented territory is when my parents said they’ve never seen anything like this in their lifetimes. With all this uncertainty it feels like we have lost control of our lives. This feeling can lead to anxiety and fear, and in an effort to combat this people are turning to what they have always known: constants.

One constant many people have is their faith and what has amazed me during this whole pandemic is the incredible ways people try new things to keep this sense of constancy in their lives. When I was younger, I would not have dreamed that I didn’t need a special building to have church. But there I was on Sunday watching a church service on my computer. I’m amazed by the innovation and willingness of people to try and help others stay grounded. Though we will get through this pandemic, it is going to be hard, and people need some sort of constant reminder of what life can be like—any way they can get it. People of all faith backgrounds need to come together and support each other in these new ways of worship to get a sense of consistency in these trying times.

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