A Platonic Love Letter to Interfaith – Hannah Silver

Judaism has provided community for me throughout my entire life but, to be honest, the online community thing just wasn’t doing it for me. Transitioning an in-person community into an online community just seemed so much harder for me than joining a community that is completely virtual to begin with. Then, we created Interfaith Online. Little did I know, Interfaith Online is what has helped me survive this pandemic.

Faith Communities Meet the Moment – Curb Magazine

Religion has a material side, a physical side and an essential side, says Ulrich Rosenhagen, the director of the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry at UW–Madison and an ordained Lutheran pastor. This means that materially, communities might celebrate religion with singing, liturgy and prayer. Physically, religions have a meeting place and religions have an essential aspect of their faith, such as weekly Shabbat for the Jewish community.