Matthias Chan

My name’s Matthias and I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at UW-Madison.  I was raised in a non-denominational Christian home in Wisconsin, and through high school and college I explored the many diverse beliefs and schools of thought in Christianity. I now identify as Unitarian Universalist.  In my free time, I have a passion  for studying world religions and talking to their practitioners about their beliefs and practices.  Through the CRGC, I hope to bring a greater awareness to faiths that students in Wisconsin are familiar with and unfamiliar with.  I want to show the students at UW-Madison new aspects and perspectives on the faiths they have seen growing up, and to help familiarize them with faiths that they may not have encountered before.  There are a great range of beliefs that I never knew about growing up in Wisconsin, and I’m excited to help bring awareness of those beliefs to the Madison student community!