Cole Cimoch

Hello, my name is Cole and I am a junior studying neurobiology and philosophy. For the first 12 years of my life I lived in Costa Mesa, California before moving to Franklin, Wisconsin. I have identified as a nondenominational Christian for the last six years and have participated in life groups, attended various churches and more recently been involved in CRU a Christian organization at UW Madison. Religious education is important because the modern world we live in is very divided and polarized. The Center for Religion and Global Citizenry creates a safe open space for important dialogues to take place, and these dialogues are essential in order to foster an inclusive community here at U-Madison. I am thrilled to be a CRGC fellow so I can learn more about other faith systems, and hopefully offer useful insights to our group discussions. Outside of CRGC I am an active member of best buddies and I am on the board of the undergraduate neuroscience society.