Sooraj Dash

My name is Sooraj Dash, and I am a senior majoring in Economics and Political Science, along with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I was born in India, grew up in Northern Ireland, and relocated to the United States six years ago to Brookfield, Wisconsin. I was brought up in a Hindu family, who are also followers of the Indian saint, Shirdi Sai Baba, who stood for the message of humanity being one. Due to these influences at home, I was strongly drawn to interreligious dialogue from a very young age, where I would frequently get into discussions with family and community members on how to construct a world where all communities could exist as one, peacefully. The Center for Religion and Global Citizenry is a platform which I feel can provide a space to discuss that message of coexistence and unity with the campus community. The message that I carry is that we may all be different in our beliefs, opinions, traditions and cultures, but we can come together through dialogue, discussion and understanding of each other to cultivate an environment of acceptance and coexistence. I hope in this fellowship that we set a direction towards this goal by holding workshops and discussion sections within the community where we educate each other about our beliefs while also setting an atmosphere of understanding. Aside from interreligious dialogue, I love sports, reading, music, fashion and photography. I love travelling the world and I look forward especially to visiting the Southern Hemisphere, which I have not yet been to. I am excited for my senior year of college, especially being a CRGC fellow!