Ethan Dickler

My name is Ethan Dickler. I am a senior English literature major with a certificate in European Studies. I am interested in religious pluralism in the United States and how it works. I grew up in a Judeo-Christian family where religious debate was the subtext to every conversation. My mother is Catholic, while my father is Jewish, so I am always interested in learning about new ideas concerning toleration and interfaith. Although I went to Catholic school and identify as Catholic, I am familiar with Jewish culture and customs. Prior to college, religion was never a primary concern of my own. However, upon learning about my faith’s history and community in Madison, I began practicing more regularly. As an Interfaith Fellow, I am excited to discuss religion with peers from different religions and backgrounds. I especially look forward to speaking about my own experiences with religious turmoil and finding methods to ease tensions and learn how to coexist with other customs and cultures without erasing my own personal beliefs and ideas.