Karam Gursahani

Hi! My name is Karam Gursahani, and I’m a rising senior studying Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. I’ve always been an active member of the religious community I grew up in – a small sect of Sufism. After COVID-19 disrupted my studies in the States during freshman year, I returned to my home country to be close to my family, and religious community. When I returned to UW-Madison as an international student after completing my sophomore year in my home country, I constantly looked for ways to stay in touch with my religious community, and that’s when I came across CRGC. Having attended several CRGC events in the last academic year, I was able to express my thoughts and religious beliefs freely. I soon understood the importance of those conversations – they can help you strengthen your religious beliefs. Moreover, I was able to learn about the religious beliefs of those completely different from mine, and this helped serve the curiosity I have for religious studies and interfaith dialogue.