Robert Hall

I welcome you to my Interfaith Fellowship story. Charmed by novelty, I realized the Fellowship would challenge my preconceptions about the functions of university while diverging from my tendency towards naturalism. Today, I seek interfaith fellowship to witness the varieties of religious experience. I am Robert Hall—a nontraditional double major in Genetics and History, with different research interests in both biological evolution and proactive policing theories. Beyond academic pursuits, I anticipate the Interfaith Fellows will encourage me to further become an integrated intellectual, by which I mean a community scholar using higher education to address difficulties with which I am uniquely familiar. For instance, backed by the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship and Cyrena Pondrom Leadership Trust, I guide Liberated Intellects, a weekly seminar, to assist formerly incarcerated people by furthering their education. This year I welcome the Interfaith Fellows into my concentrations and wish to know theirs. I am excited to discuss how my peers use religion to conceptualize the world, a rare opportunity for me both within and outside academia, and an experience I deem necessary in a largely, and varied, religious world.