Sophia Halverson

Hello! My name is Sophia, and I’m a senior majoring in English, History, and International Studies and pursuing certificates in European Studies, Art History, and Folklore Studies. Both sides of my family are Catholic, although the people in my life who have had the greatest impact on my faith are my mother and grandmothers. I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to eighth grade and was confirmed in high school. Although my spirituality is important to me, as I have gotten older my religious beliefs and practices have not been informed only by Catholicism or the ideas put out by the church hierarchy. Interacting with my faith is important to me, but that doesn’t always happen within the church setting. I’m more inspired by personal interactions with people both in and outside of the faith, by the stories and lives of the saints, and by visiting religious sites. As a CRGC fellow I’m excited to talk to and learn from other people with different faith backgrounds (or no faith background at all) about the impact spirituality has had on their lives. I’m also excited to learn more about other religions while being able to share my own thoughts and experiences.