Alyssa Hamrick

My name is Aly and I’m a sophomore currently studying History and Archaeology and hoping to eventually become a professor. I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Chicago in a diverse-but-mostly-Christian town and area. I was raised Presbyterian, but as I’ve been exposed to more spiritual walks of life in my first year of college I’ve begun exploring what religion means to me. As I come into my second year at UW, I’m eager to gain new perspectives on religion and in turn share those perspectives with those around me. Through my work with the CRGC and its interreligious outreach programs, I hope to create an environment in which those who are currently seeking out their own definition of spirituality can engage comfortably. It’s my hope that the Center and its dedication to open interfaith dialogue can foster healthy religious conversation on campus. Spirituality in its various forms can often be seen as a divisive topic, but it’s my intention to challenge myself and my peers at UW to focus on how it can work as a powerful force of unity.