Aitan Maeir

My name is Aitan Maeir and I use him/he/his pronouns. I come from a northeastern suburb of Chicago called Skokie. Religiously, I come from a modern orthodox Jewish household and I, myself, also identify as modern orthodox. I am a current sophomore and I am majoring in psychology, minoring in Jewish studies and on a pre-med track. I have attended Jewish parochial schools for my whole life and due to my experience in parochial school and my religious community, I continue to be enamored by religion and the multitude of profound impacts that it has on my life and society in general. I am really grateful for the work that the CRGC does and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of this fellowship. I am really looking forward to educating myself more about other religions that I have not been exposed to prior. I contend that learning from my peers who belong to respective religions is the best way to learn about their religions. Outside of CRGC, I am greatly involved in UW’s Chabad on campus. In addition, I serve on the executive board of BAFI (Badger Alliance For Israel). I am excited to meet the other fellows and learn from them!