Sophie Morris

My name is Sophie Morris and I am a sophomore majoring in Community Leadership and Non- Profit Management. I am from New Jersey and was raised in a Jewish household by two Israeli parents. Though I do not consider myself religious, I am very connected to my Israeli roots. Before coming to college, I did a gap year in Israel where I learned about the cultures of the many different groups of people who live in the Middle East. Before that, I was connected to Israel through my extended family who lives there. I took many trips there throughout my childhood and went to a Zionist summer camp as a child. I believe that different cultures and religions are not something to avoid—they should be embraced and appreciated, even if they are different than one’s own. It is so cool that people from different parts of the world live such different and unique lives! Through this fellowship, I hope to provide others with a new perspective of Israel and Judaism, while also learning about the cultures of others.