Katherine O'Brien

I am a senior majoring in International Studies with a certificate in Religious Studies. In 2015, after taking a gap year in which I travelled, worked, and explored my own interests, I started school at UW-Madison, living in Witte’s Multicultural Learning Community. Being on that floor with intelligent, self-aware, and informed people from across the world set a precedent for my college career. Since then I have focused on learning about international political movements and have become familiar with the histories of many marginalized groups. As I learned more and more about the injustices minority groups face, I sought outlet in which I could advocate for myself and others. Throughout the past three years I have been involved in the community as a PEOPLE tutor, with the university as a Conversational English Coordinator at the Greater University Tutoring Service, and with my campus community as a BRIDGE team leader. I hope that working with the CRGC will help me cement my leadership skills and grow in my ability to do compassionate activism. I was raised in Mequon, WI in a Catholic home by my mother and father and have two younger siblings. Since high school, I have studied Buddhism in personal and academic contexts, and have come to feel connection with the religion. I consider myself Buddhist Catholic. It is important to me to use those labels to pay respect to the traditions that inform my worldview.