Jaden Schultz

Hey, friends! My name is Jaden Schultz and I’m a sophomore studying Health Promotion and Health Equity and English. I was raised in Pewaukee, Wisconsin in a Lutheran household by parents of both Catholic and Lutheran upbringings. My mom was raised Catholic, and I’ve grown up hearing about her personal opinions, experiences, and perceived shortcomings and disappointments of the Catholic church. Oppositely, my father grew up in a Lutheran home and shared his own, more positive experiences with religion and religious upbringing. This opposition in religious encounters has stimulated my interest in analyzing how our individual experiences with religious groups leave lasting impacts on our lives, and how they form the way we view both our own and other religions. More specifically, I’m interested in dissecting how and why religious stereotypes exist, and what we can do to debunk these misconceptions. I look forward to learning more about how faith appears in individuals’ everyday lives, and I hope to join in on informative discourse on religious groups and systems that are unfamiliar to myself.