Pengying Sun

My name is Pengying Sun. I am a sophomore double-majoring in Neurobiology and Nutritional Science on a pre-med track, while pursuing certificates in Biocore and Southeast Asian Studies. I was born and raised in a Mahayana Buddhism family. Years ago, I got the opportunity to learn about Theravada Buddhism and have become more and more fascinated by it. My daily meditation practice allows me to train my mind not to be disturbed by the impermanent surroundings but to be self-conscious of my sense bases and to maintain the clarity of insight. My meditation retreat experience at various monasteries in China and Thailand have fueled my passion to delve deeper into Buddhism. Meditation is also a subject I am passionate about in academia. I am particularly interested in how different types of meditation can be harnessed as tools to enhance human brain function and promote mental well-being. Being a Buddhist has inspired me in every aspect of my life. I am thrilled to be a CRGC fellow, to learn more about other faith systems, and hopefully offer useful insights as a Buddhist and meditation practitioner.