Michelle Thomas

My name is Michelle and I major in International Studies with a certificate in Developmental Economics. Growing up as an Indian Orthodox Christian in Dubai, UAE, I had the opportunity to communicate and mingle with people from different faith backgrounds. From a young age, I was always interested in understanding my own faith and the philosophies of other religions. Attending Sunday School and Bible Studies throughout my childhood years gave me a strong background about my own faith. Being exposed to family and friends from different faith backgrounds such as Christianity, Hinduism and Islam enabled me to gain a keen interest in interfaith dialogues. I am currently involved with the student leadership team of the Navigators Campus Ministry on campus. Through the CRGC I hope to learn about different faiths that I have not been exposed to and the skills required for interfaith discussion facilitation and better cooperation. I am excited to learn about different faiths and finding the similarities despite some obvious differences. I believe that by facilitating interfaith dialogue and understanding, the community can grow and coexist harmoniously, paving the way for social change.