Kasturi Thorat

Namaste! My name is Kasturi, and I was born and brought up in Nashik, India. I am a senior studying Global Health. I grew up in a Hindu household and I identify as a Hindu. Growing up in India, I have had the chance to coexist with people of different faiths and this experience has made me who I am today. My interest in interfaith dialogue arises from feeling left out after I moved to the US for college. Back home I did not realize how easy it was to stay connected to your belief system. After moving to the US, I felt the need to connect with people who wouldn’t shy away from or avoid conversations about faith. Being a fellow with CRGC is a great opportunity to have insightful conversations and learn more about different faiths. My goal is to utilize this chance to educate people more about my culture, religion, and faith. I strongly believe that we are all spiritual beings, and our faith is how we connect with our spiritual self. We might be walking different paths, but our destination is the same.